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“We have been using Rapp-it Pipe Repair Bandage for leakage applications for the past four years. It has been extremely reliable with regards to pipe repairs. Approximately $20,000 annually are saved on costly downtime”.

Russell Wiltshire, Supply Supervisor BHP Billiton


“No Rapp-it no plant” Allan S. Nickel Processing Plant, WA

“Our processing plant utilises nine different chemical baths and over 40 recirculating fluid systems that together have over forty kilometres of piping systems in Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, PVC and ABS plastics. Our mechanical department have been using Rapp-it bandages for a number of years with almost perfect results on all our piping systems and chemicals. We have literally had situations where $100,000 worth of downtime was averted by a small foil package.”

Wayne Raisback, Bluescope Steel, Port Kembla, NSW


“Rapp-it is the Panadol for the Maintenance Managers, it cures most headaches” Monty L. Coal Mine, Bowen Basin, QLD

“During a Saturday night shift a pipe bridge was damaged after it had been struck by a tip truck. The structure was secured into position by chain blocks but the 200mm spiral wound stainless pipe had been kinked and was pouring liquor onto the ground. This liquor is an environmental hazard and had to be stopped from getting into nearby stormwater drain. To call a boilermaker in would take time and cost money and as well as production down time. With the use of two 100mm Fibreglass bandages along with the steel putty the pipe was repaired and put back into service 45 minutes later. Great product which got us out of trouble again.”

Paul S. Pulp & Paper Mill, VIC


“If Rapp-it went off the market we would have to close the day after” Matt B. Aluminium Smelter, QLD

“This is a tailings line out to the thickeners discharge. We placed 6 Rapp-it bandages on the
pipe which resulted in a positive seal – no leaks.”

Lisa D. Nickel Plant,


“This repair is on a mixture manifold at a concrete batching plant. The mixture manifold had a hole on the underside and a hole around the socket. We used Rapp-it Steel Putty and Rapp-it Pipe Repair Bandages to carry out this repair”

Shayne I. Concrete Batching Plant


Rapp-it Repairs have saved down time on the Paper Machine until permanent repair can be done on a shut down.”

Shayne B. Pulp and Paper Mill, VIC


The first thing I did as Maintenance Manager was put Rapp-it onsite” Glenn D. Iron Ore Mine, Pilbara, WA

We had three plastic valves that had high water pressure behind them. We struggled to get a good seal as the plastic was deforming however Rapp-it fixed that!”

Callum O. Cleaning Manufacturers,

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